mundBy Poem Talks I mean Haibun, maybe not the real construction, but near enough I think, have fun.

Red hot and copper sky

pedestrian zone
the bench and I
listening to Gabrielle’s enchanting voice
taken me to Megan’s latest world
JTB 988-1 hot and copper sky
pedestrian have no clue
Grabrielle de Cuir is all in my ear
painting Arkenberg’s word

I hear the story while watching
people occupied with their own little worlds
not notice, whether or not, I sit on the bench
I’m sure of that
but occasionally one or two connect with me
eyes exchange data
for a short time we know
a flicker, a glimpse
and probably wrong analysis
the bond breaking off
back to JTB 988-1
Dear Socorro…

pedestrian walked by
the bench and I
all in our little worlds

Old railway track

A butterfly’s wing mingle
with irrigation rhythmic throb
and fresh breath
another world of travelers
passes by slowly

Last day of June, anno 2009 – I must admit the day could not be better, not because of date, month, but because of the weather.
After being transported to Grindsted at the lake Tronsø by my daughter where the Grindsted – Funder railway begins, and the trip home.
A quick look at Tronsø and then on I ride. The weather was just right with a few clouds, hot and almost no wind. Once the wheels turning, there was no way around it, this is the epitome of Danish summer with the addition holiday.
The scent of grass, flowering shrubs, the sight of yellow broom, and their explosive peapod, the smell of crowberry and heather.
The wheels turning and intersect highways of Ants and I race with bumblebee. The lush vegetation on both sides is a motivating for the eyes and in-between the fields show the almost endless corn and potato fields. Nature appears as twisted string of green spots tied together with birdsong.
The sound a butterfly’s wing mingle with irrigation water canon rhythmic throb and fresh breath.
Another world long after the metal-bull snorting along the railway track.
The crooked path with Randers at one end and Bramming / Esbjerg in the other was to ensure t
he export of fresh agricultural products to the UK market. Moreover, the middle Jutland forestry
had to have their timber out to the main roads, but also chippings, lignite and peat. For many years, there was also a large military depot in the woods of Hjøllund.
Personal transport ceased in 1971, after which the rails were taken up at the northern section after Hjøllund. Silkeborg – Langå is now a paved nature trail.
From Hjøllund to Bramming there was continued transportion of chippings and military hardware up to 1988, when the rails were removed as far as to Grindsted.
From Grindsted to Bramming the tracks is active in the summer operating by vintage train and wagons along the 40 km. long distances.
Back to pave the trail anno 2009, where islands of rank nettle forests standing in hush shadows.
I went by Filskov Station, Blåhøj Station, and Drantum Station before reaching Brande Station.
Besides ants I also came across cattletracks tunnels, roads, bridges and three small rivers.
When in Brande I suggest you follow the path right to Blichersvej and from there to the city center. Along Blichersvej is the first mural in Brande; Brande Waterworks Tower. A proposal is to stay at either the youth hostel or Camp Brande, and then explore Brande city.
Afterwards you can continue the leaning rail track by driving down Frihedevej and then take Fløvej to Usseltoftvej where the rail track continues to Ejstrupholm.

Old railway track
still breathing
new kind of travelers

A walk

Okay so I’m now a grass widower. It has nothing to do with grass, just means I’m alone for few days.
My wife left home, children, husband and dog for three days replacing it for some Swedish nature. Left the dog, knowing what I know it could surprised, well the damage is done and I’m stuck with the dog. That means providing the food and go a few walks, etc.
We are doing this on a daily basis, a walk before breakfast, after which the dog mind it’s own business the rest of the morning, because there isn’t much go in “daddy” from a dogs perspective.
Well of course we run into each other, now and then, particularly if there might be some goody at stake. In the afternoon we usually take a little longer walk. Late afternoon is Cassie as bit more worried, and she stays in one particularly place-, front main door, because then “mummy” cannot unseen enter the house. When the happy return festival is over, there is no dog more “fjetvorn”
(ingratiating), ticking and forceful than this one, and everything leads to get “mummy” to take her dog out, and do some training somewhere, no matter what, just doing something with her. The last I usually do, is the evening walk. Cassie comes promptly when I get ready to the walk. And it’s not, because it is something special, but it’s now a tradition. We are about 50 meters down the
road, cross it, and go back, that’s it, Cassie peas and go immediately to bed, when we get in-door.
See, this is normal, quietly and no fuss about it. But with today’s situation I thought, I might spoiled Cassie a bit, so I went out with Cassie in the car (yep it happens to be at home) and drove out to the Lake by the electric power plant.
It went fine, there was some immediately exploring and stools to deal with. After a little while, it was as there had gone GPS in it. You know when it’s not running as planned, there will be messages like “turn back asap”, “turn back in 80 meters,” “turn back now!” And since we do not, because I liked to go a different route, there soon will be a new “turn back in 200 meter” and that was
precisely how Cassie reacted, attempting with increasing intervals to turn back. And that dear reader is the point; Cassie was out walking with its reserve dog leader. And what is that about, now just think if Cassie’s dog leader (the real one, mind you) had come home, while she was out walking with the reserve, it would be terrible.
So the first third part of the trip around the lake went to persuade “missy” that the rout was where I wanted it to go. Well eventually abandoned it, just as GPS, planned a route that matched the Master better.
Successfully completing that then started the next problem. I have obviously pocket full of goodies. Cassie now took all her energy into entice one goody after another out of my pocket, with basis in the slightest occasions, she could find. The discussion went over the next third of the trip.
Eventually it calm down. But now we had come so far that Cassie’s targeting system went on overtime. She knew exactly where the car was now, and tried several times to make shortcuts to reach back to the car. The reason for this was of course that the car is home and a quick return to see if the dog leader was back home, but also that there is always a reward goody or two, when
Cassie are well back in the cage.

Being a reserve dog leader is not easy, definitely do not believe it. We do not do the same thing as “dog leader” and that’s because it’s “work” training – that counts most, so the real dog leader will always be No. 1.
Nevertheless, I think we still have a cozy time us between with the alternative activities.
Brande, June 9. 2009

across barriers
a tug in my right arm


May the 15’th. Anno Domino 2016.
a poemtalk by Jens-Christian Kjær AKA Ashi.

Early, fairly,
my eyes fighting for focus
soft sounds from Livingroom
suggest that the telly is online
low gurgle from a coffee pot
first cup of coffee is poured
after a night’s rest
my senses click on
one after another
the fact that this is
just another day enter
and yet
the fact is that’s not
I don’t actually feel the difference
but, the thought
sixty-five years
burrowed, spent and yes
not payed for yet
better get up
and face the day –

the years
come and goes
even without me