Oak planks in autumn

I was, as part of my job, packing some oak planks yesterday. A very fine quality nice surface and this unique smell of linseed oil.
I packed them very gently and with great care.
They were going to United Kingdom. The purpose was that they would get there in one, in this case three pieces and in no way harmed.
In the end they would arrive at a rectory home no less. A divine place no doubt. They deserve that after a long life in the forest, what better place could you ask for?

I got the word today – they arrived in the good shape, and no harm had come to them, God blessed them for their new life at the Rectory Home.

But I have a worry – If they had stayed in the forest, they had been living trees still.
And being alive there, they would by now, be occupied with the challenge of producing fantastic colour in my world.

Oak tree
tuning green leaves
into a colourful patchwork

Also submitted at Autumn Haiku 2008


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