Down Under

One of my ancestors named Søren Nielsen, and this is on my father’s side.
It is my great-great-grandfather who had two sons, one called Lars and one called Søren.

Lars had a daughter, my grandmother on my father’s side. Søren had the courage to take the long road down under.

He came to Brisbane on the good ship “Quetta” the of February 1890 as a ‘Continental Remittance Immigrant’. The ship “Quetta” sank on its return trip to England, the place is today known as “Quetta Rock”.

He married Charlotte Petronella Brown December 1897 at Holy Trinity Church, Mackay, Queensland. It has been said that she was a steady hardworking person and Søren a bit of a dreamer (what else if you take the road to down under?). They were spiritually people with the gift of healing. Now this was not really accepted back home in Denmark, but out there it worked, and wherever else than in the homeland of the Aborigines could this work.

By the way Charlotte’s father came from Denmark too, same region as Søren. Her mother though came from Småland, Sweden.

A dream seeking
not always found
even down under


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